Catalyst Grants


Targeted investment for advancing collaborative science

Catalyst grants support activities that advance collaborative science by facilitating the development of new, collaborative science ideas; amplifying or enhancing existing collaborative research; or synthesizing NERRS monitoring data for a regional or national application. All proposals must adopt an end user-driven approach and be developed in collaboration with reserve partners to ensure the project meets a current reserve management need. Applicants may draw on both the social sciences and physical/natural sciences to meet the goals of this RFP. To learn more about recent projects browse the project catalog: Catalyst Projects.

Catalyst Grants

The NERRS Science Collaborative is currently reviewing proposals for collaborative science catalyst grants. The deadline for submitting catalyst proposals has passed, but the RFP and application materials are provided here as references. We anticipate releasing another Request for Catalyst Proposals in fall of 2022. Catalyst grants support one-year projects with awards ranging from $75,000 - $200,000.

Download the RFP: 2020 Request for Catalyst Proposals

References and Templates for Proposals:

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Questions about this funding opportunity can be directed to:
Phone: Lynn Vaccaro (734-763-0056), Maeghan Brass (734-763-0727)