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Collaborative Science in a Virtual World (Part 2): Collaborating Around Multiple Stressors

Webinar Description

Collaborative science involves working closely with partners at every stage - from conceptualizing a new project, to conducting the research, to refining tools to best meet a management need. In May 2020, hoping to start a dialogue around virtual engagement for collaborative science, we held a webinar to reflect on the ways in which collaborative science practices have been impacted by COVID-19.

As January 2021 drew to a close, most of us were thinking about the myriad stressors that continued to pose challenges to virtual collaboration, life, and everything in between. In this webinar, we discussed what kind of tracking and evaluation we ’d done to date, and explored how we continue to do our work in the midst of distractions. The discussion built on panelists ’ comments to tease out the implications of these new practices for future collaborative science work, and how these lessons can be applied to coastal science within and beyond the NERRS.

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