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Collaboration Learning and Support


The Science Collaborative seeks to learn from project teams and share lessons across teams as they develop and implement a process for collaborating with the intended users of their science. Strategies and challenges associated with end user engagement are discussed in regular check-in calls with project leads and these issues are emphasized during annual workshops attended by project leads and other team members.

Dr. Julia Wondolleck, a collaboration scholar and practitioner, is a key resource for NERRS Science Collaborative grantees, the Science Collaborative team and NERRS staff, in general, on issues and questions related to effective collaborative processes. She provides input to the development of, and feedback on, a variety of Science Collaborative program products, such as requests for proposals, project reporting guidelines, and collaboration tools to ensure that they reflect “best practices ” in collaboration to support research. Julia helps to plan and facilitate the annual project team workshops. She also provides collaboration advice to project and NERRS staff, such as on-site guidance, webinars, and phone consultations.

Julia provides additional value by connecting interested reserves to interdisciplinary graduate student Master's projects at the University of Michigan ’s School for Environment and Sustainability. This includes helping reserves to scope appropriate projects, identifying strong student team members, and serving as the University of Michigan faculty supervisor who is familiar with the Reserve System.

Recently, Julia supervised two student teams that conducted projects in collaboration with Wells Reserve and Kachemak Bay Reserve.

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To inquire about collaboration support for your reserve, contact [email protected].

Additional resources for developing and managing a collaborative science project can be found here: Applicant resources