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Existing Conditions Report for North San Pedro Road Adaptation

Existing Conditions Report for North San Pedro Road Adaptation

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North San Pedro Road runs along the shoreline of China Camp State Park in San Rafael, Marin County, California. The shoreline section of North San Pedro Road is an important transportation corridor; however, the road routinely floods, and its undersized culverts restrict tidal influence in the interior marshes, limiting their ability to adapt naturally to sea level rise.

About this resource

The report was compiled as part of a project to develop long-term adaptation solutions for North San Pedro Road. It provides available data on the project area's physical setting, ecology, cultural history, and land ownership and use, and discusses projected climate change impacts such as sea level rise and storm patterns. The report informed a community stakeholder process to develop adapatation options for the road.

Two companion reports discuss the project's evaluation of adaptation options: Options and Qualitative Evaluation details the community stakeholder process and its outcomes; and Road Map to Implementation outlines the next steps to follow in the near term and beyond to bring an adaptation project to implementation.


San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (SF Bay NERR). 2020. Existing Conditions Report: Blending Technical Expertise and Active Community Participation to Define Adaptation Options for the Low Lying North San Pedro Road Through China Camp State Park. San Francisco State University Estuary & Ocean Science Center, Tiburon, CA.