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Future of Site Profiles Guide and Template

Future of Site Profiles Guide and Template

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Each reserve within the National Estuarine Research Reserve System maintains a specific site profile that synthesizes knowledge about its physical and biological characteristics to guide research and monitoring activities. Working with contractors and reserve partners, a project team of staff from the He‘eia and Lake Superior Reserves developed a template and outline for a modernized web-based site profile, and a user guide with clear step by step instructions to create a digital profile. The updated site profile addresses the needs identified by a user survey and focus groups, providing reserves with an option to include cultural and historical components of estuaries on their sites, as well as an optional section to identify future threats and corresponding research needs.

This resource contains the new site profile template and a site profile template guide. Reserves updating their site profiles should start by reading the guide, which includes step-by-step instructions for using the template, with guidance on the HTML code as well as additional features of the new site profile. The site profile template can be accessed through the project folder, and is a “how to guide” for generating a user friendly, interactive, and web-based version of the Reserve Profile.

  1. Site Profile Template Guide (PDF)
  2. Revised Site Profile Outline (PDF)
  3. Sample HTML Templates (Folder)