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Game Code and Images for Visitor Center Games

Game Code and Images for Visitor Center Games

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To increase hands-on learning opportunities in visitor centers, staff at reserves in Delaware, Florida, and Texas worked together to develop three interactive games for touch screen displays. The art and game code were developed by students at the University of Delaware. Each game allows people to explore an important aspect of the estuary, the animals that live there, and how people can help the estuary. To preview the games, view video clips of beta versions of the video games.

About this resource

The project team has made available a series of files that can be used by others planning to use or create similar video games. Click the blue button "Request Data" and complete a short data request form to receive an email with a link to download the following resources:

  • Game images: Unversity of Delaware students created more than 70 original drawings and icons, including estuary animals, boats, shoreline images and dice. These digital images were used in the video games and are available as jpg and png files for others to use.
  • User guides: Seven short user guides are available to help others install, run, modify, and troubleshoot the video games.
  • Game code: Executable files of video game code for others interested in using the games in their own visitor centers. These files are designed for use on computers with touchscreen displays with the following software: Intuiface Composer Academic and Intuiface Player for Windows.

Questions about this resource can be directed to:

Maggie Pletta, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, [email protected]